Sprinkle Me Prayer

Years ago our granddaughter Vivian was having trouble going to sleep at night. A little girl in her preschool was talking about scary things that weren’t true. She couldn’t get the thoughts out of her head. She was terrified for days. She told her mom and dad and they reassured her that she was safe and loved. They left lights on, they comforted her but the fear would not go away. Vivian even called my husband Chuck, aka Granddaddy, and asked him questions about God and angels. He listened and answered all her questions. He told her that God loved her and was always watching over her along with her guardian angels. That helped her feel better. I wondered what I could do to help her too. The words of this Sprinkle Me Prayer just came to me one night before I went to bed. Her mom and dad hung it on her wall and said it with her at bedtime. No one thing created an overnight miracle for Vivian. But time and a lot of love and prayers from her family helped. Thankfully, Vivian gradually let go of her fears and returned to being her happy little self.

We’re all living in uncertain times right now. A lot of our comforting routines have disappeared. That can be hard on the whole family. Feel free to print this prayer and share it with anyone who needs some reassurance that God is watching over them with love and tender care. I even say it myself sometimes when I can’t sleep! Be sure and yawn with a big exhale and close your eyes right before the end. Hope it helps you and some little ones in your life!

Sowing Seeds of Kindness

Spring is my favorite season of the year. The bird’s are outside calling us to come play in the sunshine. The daffodils are making a happy show. The air is warm on our backs some days. It’s time to make some plans. So while we’re planning what flowers we want to plant this year, think about some even more lasting things we can grow this year like friendships and laughter and love. A kind word or smile can change your whole day. Think about what you love and give some of it away. It can be as simple as sharing something that gives you joy with someone else. Like a funny story or some plants from your garden, a chocolate bar or a phone call. Kindness has a way of multiplying when shared. Just like a springtime garden. Now’s the time to sow some seeds!

Sowing Seed of Kindness

Like this little bird you’re sowing seeds of kindness everyday.

They’re watered by good things you do for others on the way.

And then before you know it as the light shines from above

Those seeds become a lovely garden filled with joy and hope and love!

Debbie Warnock