Sowing Seeds of Kindness

Spring is my favorite season of the year. The bird’s are outside calling us to come play in the sunshine. The daffodils are making a happy show. The air is warm on our backs some days. It’s time to make some plans. So while we’re planning what flowers we want to plant this year, think about some even more lasting things we can grow this year like friendships and laughter and love. A kind word or smile can change your whole day. Think about what you love and give some of it away. It can be as simple as sharing something that gives you joy with someone else. Like a funny story or some plants from your garden, a chocolate bar or a phone call. Kindness has a way of multiplying when shared. Just like a springtime garden. Now’s the time to sow some seeds!

Sowing Seed of Kindness

Like this little bird you’re sowing seeds of kindness everyday.

They’re watered by good things you do for others on the way.

And then before you know it as the light shines from above

Those seeds become a lovely garden filled with joy and hope and love!

Debbie Warnock

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