I’m Debbie Warnock!

I’m an artist and a gardener. It’s hard to say which is my first love. They both make me feel the same joy and contentment. But in the spring when the birds start singing, I feel the call of the dirt most every morning and I’m out the front door! Gardening is really just painting with flowers. It’s actually easier than painting with paint. God does all the amazing miracle part. But I get to show up and tend it. It’s a partnership that sure makes me happy. I get a front row seat to those miracles that happen every day. Since the garden is in our front yard right next to the sidewalk it gives everybody who passes by a front row seat, too.

And then there’s art. I also love playing and getting dirty in my studio. I think I see the connection between the two now! Art’s a lot more personal than gardening though. Painting, to me, is like having a conversation with my heart. It’s a visual story I need to tell. My abilities always fall short of what’s in my heart. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the doing it that matters. I make art because I’ve loved the process since as far back as I can remember. It heals parts of me that are broken. It lets me say things that can’t be expressed with just words. It lets me share who I am and what I care about with others. But you know what? You don’t have to understand my story to understand my art. There’s something amazing that can happen when you look at art. It’s a lot like looking at a garden. When you look at it. Really look at it. Sometimes you can see YOUR own story from your very own heart. And that’s the best story of all!